The great work that has been done for several years is giving its results.

The governor of Misiones, Hugo Passalacqua, leading an act of the Sub-Commission for the Jaguar Conservation, announced that the population of this big cat in the province is recovering and has already reached approximately 90 individuals.

The presentation of the progress in the implementation of the Plan of Action for the Conservation of Jaguar in the province was attended by the governor and members of this inter-institutional body; Ministry of Ecology, National Parks Administration, Jaguar Network/Red Yaguareté, VidaSilvestre, Ceiba, Guirá Oga.

This good news are the result of the work carried out by the Ministry of Ecology together with the members of the Sub-Commission, which was created in 2006 and has as maximum goal to recover the population until reaching a stable number of 250 Jaguars (the amount which now exists throughout the country).

Diffusion, education, the application of heavy fines, coexistence with farmers in areas where they were previously eliminated, increased controls in key areas and an increase in social awareness are among the factors that are tipping the balance in favor of the greater Feline of the continent, after decades of massacres and population decline.

The last measurements made by the Ceiba two years ago indicated a number close to 70 and now 90, confirming a trend that now we must reaffirm and hold even more energy.

«It is a great joy to see the results of so much effort. Misiones is clearly at the forefront of the conservation of the Jaguar in our country. Although there is still a lot to do, we are very happy with many of the actions that are being carried out, such as work with livestock farmers in areas where the jaguars have been historically removed, new ranger patrols that can now carry weapons, some fines against illegal acts to the species and according to the latest official report of deforestation in Argentina, Misiones no longer figure among the most dismantling provinces.» said Nicolás Lodeiro Ocampo, Executive Director of the Jaguar Network/Red Yaguareté.

«At the same time, we must continue to strive: it is imperative that the Law of Big Cats (which provides compensation to farmers for losses to attacks of jaguar and puma) is regulated in a well operative way to provide realistic and concrete solutions, it is necessary to limit and control the progress of livestock in the Green Corridor, continue to strengthen protected areas and create new ones -especially in the jungle central block of the Piray Miní stream- and achieve once and for all to reduce the high speeds in the routes that cross zones of high biodiversity to end the run-over.» Said Norberto Angel Nigro, President of the Jaguar Network/Red Yaguareté.

For the Jaguars, we continue to work without rest, to ensure their survival in Argentina.

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