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Citation: Lodeiro Ocampo, Nicolás y Nigro, Norberto Ángel. 2022. Guía para la convivencia entre yaguaretés y ganadería. Fundación Red Yaguareté. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. 36 págs.

With more than 20 years working for the conservation of the jaguar in our Argentina, of which almost 10 were dedicated to searching (until we found) proven measures to mitigate the depredations of our largest feline, mainly on cattle, we believe that the time to massively disseminate these discoveries and techniques, which are now quite simple for us has come.

In fact, when we started our work we realized that a simple electric «boyero» (the type used for livestock management), unlike what was said very frequently in groups related to conservation, did not work in practice to prevent predation by big cats. So it was that it took us a few years to find the right technique and others to put it into practice and be able to monitor its operation and effectiveness.

In all this time, we have made many rancher friends, with whom we worked together for long hours, sharing mates, reviros, barbecues, adventures and misadventures. We have also managed on many occasions that the provincial State, complex at times, effectively put into practice the compensation established by Law No. 78 of Misiones, something that has yet to finish adapting.

Now then, we want to share our experience and methods with all those farmers we do not yet know, those who are in more remote areas or those who prefer to develop these measures on their own. For this, we offer here in detail how to implement the systems that we have designed and that we already know to be effective.

It is very interesting how we have been able to advance from CONFLICT to COEXISTENCE

We are also witnessing how many producers, and even more so their children and grandchildren, look with great interest at this type of relationship in which the jaguar ceases to be an enemy and begins to be admired for its beauty and power, and fear gradually It turns into respect.

So we decided to include a short but comprehensive introduction to what our magnificent jaguar is and since it is not the only one, we also accompanied it with a brief tour of the other 6 wild cats that live in our Misiones, La Hermosa. Here we thank the magnificent photographers -many friends of years- who have freely provided us with their photographs that show us each bug as it is.

And also, although adults may already know it, we include some guidelines with information on how to differentiate the tracks of the jaguar and the puma, the other great feline of our lands, so that those who know can perfect themselves and that the most young people can learn, because they will very likely be the farmers of the next few years, soon, and we would be happy if are producers committed to our environment, which gives us so much, and that their farms are, as we have come to call, «suitable for coexistence with big cats.»

We hope you like it and if you need or want help, do not hesitate to call us, we are a group of volunteers always ready to help.

Norberto Ángel Nigro y Nicolás Lodeiro Ocampo.