The Argentina Ministry of Environment US$ 2.800 US dolars to a hotel in Iruya town, Salta province, Argentina, where a jaguar skyn was publicly exhibited.

Following a complaint from @redyaguarete, the body was seized at the beginning of 2019.

It is a case of extreme gravity, since the skin belongs to one of the last specimens that inhabit the yungas forests of the northwest (they are estimated just 100-120) and especially, because it was exposed in a public place of great tourist movement, which is an indicator of the lack of controls and awareness of existing crime.

Beyond the economic administrative sanction, from @redyaguarete we express our concern to the Minister of the Environment of the Nation @juan.cabandie for the lightness of the amount, we request that it be raised and at the same time sanctioned. In addition, we request that @AmbienteNacion present itself as a criminal plaintiff to fight for the rights of the dead jaguar, which it has not done so far.