Jaguar was seen in Calilegua.

It was photographed and filmed at Mesada de las Colmenas by a Park Ranger.

Calilegua. April 4th 2016. In what is a very rare indeed, a Yaguareté was seen for several minutes in Mesada de las Colmenas Park Rangers Sectional, in Calilegua National Park, located in Jujuy province, where the ranger Nicolas Ferrari could film and photograph it.

The feline, apparently a juvenile female, shows herself curios and confident getting near to the Rangers home, public use area and then recline on the vehicular road. She has not aggressive attitudes towards people, however, we expect the authorities to take preventive measures in the next days until the specimen naturally goes to another area, as in this place often stop tourists every day.

It seems to have a wound on the left flank that does not appear serious, perhaps a product of a failed hunting attempt or an encounter with another jaguar.

The place, located at 1,150 meters above sea level in a mountain forest environment is halfway between Aguas Negras access and the Monolith, the other limit of the National Park. It can be accessed by car or by public transport (bus service comes to this area). It is a place of great jungle streams.

It’s a great joy that protected areas serve as home and shelter for our magnificent Jaguars.