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ZERO Hunting and Trading

ZERO Hunting and Trading Program

Being hunted is one of the biggest threats that Jaguars face today.

The Jaguar Network has as one of its main objectives to End the Killing and Trade of Yaguaretés in Argentina. There are many court cases that we have driven and we will continue until exemplary sentences are achieved.

The complaint on time and follow-up are the key to achieving successful results. The commitment of the judiciary and legal areas of environmental agencies both nationally as provinces- is the pending issue.

We know that visit this section of our website will not be pleasing for you, it isn’t to us either, so we work so that these pictures no longer exist.

U$S 20,000 fine for selling a hat made of Jaguar skin

Historic: fine with U$S 60,000 to merchant who was selling a Jaguar skin in the Buenos Aires City heart

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