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The Jaguar Network/Red Yaguareté is a Nonprofit Foundation founded by naturalists. It includes a variety of people who work together for nature conservation, focusing on the incredible jaguars and the forests it inhabits.

We are integrated mostly by volunteers from different backgrounds, with varied skills and expertise. We are constantly growing and facing all the new challenges permanently involved in Jaguar conservation.

Our Mission: Save Jaguar from Extinction in Argentina.

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In coexistance with livestock, jaguar population is increasing in Salto Encantado.

October 24, 2019|Comments Off on In coexistance with livestock, jaguar population is increasing in Salto Encantado.

The new monitoring camera trap data carried out by the @RedYaguarete and the @ecologiamisiones registered the presence of two individuals in this 2019. There are two males, Poguapy, which had already been registered since [...]

New signage in Puerto Península

November 16, 2017|Comments Off on New signage in Puerto Península

Puerto Iguazú. A year ago we started monitoring Jaguars in the Puerto Península Defense Nature Reserve, where the Argentine Army Military School develops its training activities in the jungle, close to the city of Puerto [...]

What we do

Coexistence with people

The conflicts that are generated when the Jaguar attacks domestic animals is probably one of the main causes of his death today.


Population Monitoring

In order to better protect our last jaguars is necessary to know as much about them. How many are in each region and how they behave is vital information.


Zero Hunt and trade

Being hunted is one of the biggest threats facing the jaguar today. We aim to end the killing and illegal trade in jaguars in Argentina.


Road Kill Mitigation

Hundreds of animals are run over each month. The increase in tourism and the automotive fleet have contributed, but speeding is the main cause.

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Our mission requires the participation of people from the most diverse sectors.



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