Expedition La Fidelidad

Creating a National Park all together

Expedition La Fidelidad born from the passion and commitment of the Jaguar Network/Red Yaguareté Volunteers to save the last specimens of this magnificent feline inhabiting Argentina Chaco region. La Fidelidad is certainly its last great opportunity to survive here and turn it into a National Park is a high priority.

That was how in June 2011 we made the first expedition in the sorroundings and in September of the same year we did what we call the «La Fidelidad Hug», since in the same expedition, two teams surrounded it completely, by land and water for 7 days without communication or external support.

In 2012 the government of Chaco province made a call to conduct inventories and research within the huge land that will become National Park (130,000 hectares), and how could it be otherwise, Red Yaguareté were the first to say PRESENT.

Based on the three previous expeditions on our own, we scheduled an even greater and prolonged in time, but with the same objective adventure: add to the creation of the largest protected area of ​​northern Argentina and certainly the last great opportunity for the Chaco Jaguars.

So, we moved heaven and earth to get everything we need to seek the Jaguar by surveys of various kinds; with volunteers, NGOs and personal friends and our partners worldwide contributions, we went to the legendary Impenetrable looking for the last Yaguaretés of Argentina Chaco region.

Why the focus on the Yaguareté? Because it is the most emblematic species and is in Critically Endangered, meaning that if no concrete actions are carried out, the last individuals of the Chaco region of Argentina may disappear in the short term. A key action is the creation of protected areas in key areas to allow stocks to recover safe from poachers. And La Fidelidad provides an opportunity to become this sanctuary.

We are a group of «ordinary» people who have decided to preserve La Fidelidad, we are interested in the Jaguar (Yaguareté as we like to call it) and everything else too. We know that this is a unique opportunity, if it escapes us, this treasure may disappear from the overnight under the bulldozers, and if we can save it, it will be a perpetual source of life that underpin the conservation of the majestic and legendary Impenetrable Forest, with all its wonderful ways of life, people, animals, plants…