The Jaguar Network/Red Yaguareté

The Jaguar Network/Red Yaguareté is a Nonprofit Foundation founded by naturalists and that brings people from all walks determined to preserve our nature, with the focus on the American Tiger, the Jaguar, Yaguareté for us and its forests. It is unique in its kind, since there is no organization in the world like: ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Our Mission: Saving Yaguareté of extinction in Argentina.

The desire to participate directly in solving the problems facing our nature and especially the Yaguareté, we started to form an independent group in 2001, to reach this present where we play an active role in conservation, present and future of our last Jaguars.

We assume our mission from a holistic approach, addressing all the threats facing the species: habitat loss and degradation, hunting, loss of prey, road kill, tradding, ignorance, etc.

Conservationist management. Making concrete steps to preserve the species and their environments actions by management to government agencies to support, criticize or propose measures inherent in protected areas, poaching, deforestation, active participation in workshops and technical seminars, etc. We integrate the Management Committee of Laguna Pintascayo Provincial Park in Salta province.

Investigation. We work in the field seeking to know more about Jaguars, customs, the dangers facing in different places and constantly update the distribution of the species in our country, deepening the knowledge of places of special interest to the yaguareté.

Defense actions. We are constantly alert and prepared to carry out protest actions and awareness -large quick calls, contact with the media, association with other NGOs-to threats to Yaguareté and their environments.

Combat poaching. We make formal complaints about episodes of hunting jaguars, accompanied testing and follow each case to its logical conclusion: «No more jaguars hunted in our lands» is our motto.

Education and outreach. We work to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our forests, Yaguareté habitat and other endangered species. We take action to educate in all areas and at all ages about the need, importance and value of conserving the jaguar and their environments.

Our site is visited by thousands of people every month, it has the most information about the Jaguar that exists on the Internet, as well as on their environments in Argentina.

Difusion: We publish various educational and simple dissemination material, such as brochures, posters, radio spots that provide an overview of the species, its distribution and highlights its risk status and protection in Argentina publications. They are normally distributed among small environmentalists and residents of the three jaguar regions of our country and through members of the network of the most diverse places groups.

Talks Broadcast: To spread all about Jaguar, their environments and challenges encompassed keep it.

Involvement. Of all stakeholders, regardless of their training or profession. Thus, the concept of NETWORK takes its greater significance, as more and more cities and towns in Argentina and in the world are gathering small groups of Yaguareté Volunteers and defenders and their environments that convey the message to more and more people.

The only requirements to join are honesty, commitment and desire to learn and try.

We financed with own contributions and our partners worldwide.